This is a website about a person called Nicolas Hafner. So far he has lead a fairly average life, but he likes to be productive above all. If you feel like talking to him, I'm sure he wouldn't mind. When he grows up he wants to be a frill-necked lizard.


1993.11 Born in Z├╝rich, Switzerland
1999.__ Began playing the Violin
2003.__ First steps with Game Maker.
2006.08 Entered the KSOe Gymnasium.
2007.__ Stopped taking Violin lessons after almost eight years.
2008.07 Started learning Java.
2009.__ Learned to use 3Ds Max and TrueSpace.
2009.08 Picked up drawing as a serious hobby.
2010.03 Released TyNETv1; started learning PHP.
2010.07 Released TyNETv2.
2010.07 Published Pesterchum v1.
2010.09 Published TinyChum v1.
2011.07 Opened Stevenchan.
2011.08 Started working for PLANTA.
2011.09 Released TyNETv3.
2011.12 Finished and released Purplish.
2012.03 Started learning Common Lisp.
2012.07 Graduated from the Gymnasium, received the matura certificate.
2012.07 Started learning Japanese.
2012.08 Released TyNETv4.
2012.09 Started working full-time as an intern at PLANTA.
2012.09 Started learning Python and the PLANTA Customizing System.
2013.02 Released the first stable version of Kizai, a modular and extensive chat utility bot.
2013.06 Finished internship at PLANTA after 9 months.
2013.06 Released lQuery.
2013.09 Started the bachelor degree for CSE at the ETHZ.
2013.10 Released XenCL.
2013.11 Released Piping and Verbose.
2013.12 Released Colleen.
2014.02 Released Chirp.
2014.03 Released Plump.
2014.05 Released Universal-Config, CLSS, lQuery3.
2014.06 Started work on Parasol, released South.
2014.08 Released Clip, Staple, Modularize, Modularize-Hooks, Modularize-Interfaces, Trivial-Indent, Trivial-Benchmark, Trivial-Mimes, Deferred.
2014.09 Switched to the CS major at ETHZ
2014.09 Released Ratify, Humbler, LASS.
2014.09 Designed website for Veronika Aschwanden.
2014.10 Founded the Shirakumo collective.
2014.10 Released Lambda-Fiddle, Form-Fiddle, trivial-arguments, Reader, Plaster, Purplish, Keyword-Reviews, and Qtools.
2015.01 Finished phase 1 of Radiance, completing its code base.
2015.02 Released Qtools2.
2015.04 Started working as a research assistant for the RSB project at the university of Bielefeld.
2015.05 Released Halftone.
2015.06 Released simple-tasks, trivial-main-thread, and qt-libs.
2015.07 Finished work for Bielefeld.
2015.08 Released 3d-vectors.
2015.09 Released Ubiquitous.
2015.11 Released Qtools-UI.
2015.12 Released Simple-inferiors.
2016.02 Released Deeds, Pathname-utils, and Documentation-utils.
2016.03 Released Legit, Random-state, North, and Flare.
2016.04 Released cl-gamepad.
2016.05 Released cl-monitors.
2016.07 Released for.
2016.08 Released cl-mpg123 cl-out123.
2016.09 Released parachute 3d-matrices.
2016.12 Released cl-gpio, cl-spidev, cl-k8055.
2017.01 Released Lichat-protocol, Lichat-serverlib, Lichat-TCP-server, Lichat-TCP-client, Lichat-WS-server, Lichat-JS, Lionchat.
2017.02 Released Maiden.
2017.02 Designed website for Malatelier Katharina Weis.
2017.03 Released glsl-toolkit. Designed website for the European Lisp Symposium.
2017.04 Published a paper on Radiance - A Web Application Framework. Released libfond/cl-fond.
2017.05Released cl-soloud, libmixed/cl-mixed.


Aside from a wealth of unfinished and discontinued projects, I am almost always working on a set of smaller or larger ventures. Minor endeavours come and go as my creativity and interests shift, but I usually make an effort to bring them to some form of conclusion. Any new project is released to the public as soon as possible regardless of form, and can usually be found on Tumblr, Github or TyNET.

Longer, ongoing projects are:
Onesies, an effort to publish at least one, smaller drawing every day.
Radiance, the latest version of the TyNET framework, which includes a bunch of sub-projects.
Storytime, a large and detailed story project in collaboration with Christopher Hurley. Hopefully this will at some point turn into a webcomic series.
Confessions, an attempt at frequent writings.

If you have questions about past projects, please do not hesitate to contact me.


All of my profiles can be found on the everything page. The easiest way to reach me though would be through either twitter, e-mail or IRC on Freenode or TyNET.